Edge Pro Reviews

Hello, add me to your list of happy customers. I've had my Pro model less than a week and I am VERY impressed. The workmanship of the machine is fantastic and I found it very easy to get started. I became a little frustrated with my self at first, but after I learned to relax and let the machine do the work and not hold the knife so tight, it is getting easier and faster the more I sharpen on it. I've been (I thought) a fair hand at freehand sharpening, but I've never come close to getting and edge on a knife like I can now...and I know that I'll get better as I use it more. Even sharpened a few of my mother's fabric scissors and she said they have NEVER been that sharp and they are fairly expensive scissors.

Edge Pro - Reviews

Lloyd Knives and I shared an ailing delivery process. I ordered an EdgePro Apex sharpening set to get my professionally used kitchen knives to a higher state of sharpness. After a fortnight and still no delivery Alistair of Lloyd Knives sent me a second set with some extra goodies, which arrived in perfect order yesterday. We will jointly try and retrieve the first set, but I am extremely happy with the customer focus of Lloyd Knives, and so will be my cutting tools. Many thanks


Hi, you sent me the edge pro sharpening system, unfortunately I had left for France before it arrived but I have now received it and am extremely happy with it.
The system is so easy to use and gives excellent results every time. I have been given some knives from friends that were only fit for the dustbin but with a bit of patience and use of the edge pro I have managed to bring them back to being useful knives.

I could not praise the edge pro higher, my own knives that are all good quality are now as sharp as razors.

I am very impressed with an excellent system that is easy to learn and easy to use.

Chris Farmer

Hi, I received the delivery a few hours ago, what a lovely piece of kit! I'll probably have a go with a few old kitchen knives a bit later and let you know how it goes. Has the payment gone through yet?

Thanks for the swift delivery and the great customer service, its been a pleasure dealing with you.

Thank you very much


Dear Alistair,

Cheers for the wicked service. Here's the feedback.

When I originally found Lloyd knives it was via a link through edge-pro's official website. None the less I was a little nervous spending money over the internet. As a chef this site is not necessarily aimed at me so I made contact directly with the distributer (Alistair). As soon as I spoke to him, my doubts were put to rest. Having been in the restaurant industry for 8 years working with good chefs, I know my knives and know when someone is talking rubbish. Alistair is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional. In a five minute telephone conversation it was clear that he knew a hell of a lot more about knives than not only myself but probably most of the talented chefs I have had the pleasure of working with.

When it came down to the payment transaction and postage the service was first class. Alistair did everything he had said he would and more. I will be recommending him to other chefs and will continue to use him again in the near future.


Piers Bridge

Hello Alistair

I received the package yesterday. I am very pleased with all the gear. I used to use a Spyderco Sharpmaker and was very unhappy with it, so I moved to the Edge Pro. Comparing my old sharpening system with the Edge Pro is like comparing a can of soda with a bottle of champagne. J I will definitely get the ½” stones in the future and possible the glass blanks. If one day you decide to start selling the professional version of the Edge Pro, I might be willing to upgrade. That shows how much I’m loving this system.

As far as costumer service, what can I say, apart from “thank you very much”? You have been a pleasure to deal with. Your willingness to solve promptly all the problems that arose during transportation, the excellent communication and, generally speaking, the fantastic costumer service is an example of what matters most.

Need anything sharpening mate!!!? Well I've sharpened everything within a 5 mile radius of my home. Friends, family, strangers I've accosted in the street, they've all got nice shiny sharp knives. Fantastic kit. I've always managed to put a half decent edge on but never like this. So quick and easy too. I wish I'd found out about this system years ago. I've never been one of the fortunate ones that can match both sides up using freehand. I've seen guys that can - not many though. I can't wait until something goes blunt again, it's very addictive and very therapeutic I find.



If there is a better sharpening system out there, I have yet to see it. This will be the last sharpening system you will ever have to purchase...

Darryl Young, Freelance writer

In less than a day , your device has ended twenty years of frustration with a dozen other patently unsatisfactory solutions to the problem.

Bryant Cushing

..with the Edge Pro , given a modest amount of practice anyone can take a dull knife and put a perfect edge on the blade

Schuyler Engle, LA Times

Hi Ben,
Back around Christmas I purchased an Edge Pro Apex Sharpening System from you. Now that I've had a significant amount of time with it, I wanted to tell you how thoroughly pleased I am! It's not very often I buy something and have it live up to ALL my expectations, but this is one. I honestly can't think of a way to improve it. Thanks for a great product!

John Caviness

Feel free of course. I will stand behind any comment I have ever made about Edge Pro. The product quality. The edges it produces. The service of the company. The commitment of the company to stand behind the product before and after sale. In reality you could give 99% of the companies out there lessons in public relations, customer care, and professionalism. But then you have a product that is more than "good enough". It is superior. So I guess that makes it a lot easier to stand in front of and behind the product.

You should be proud of the product you are producing. Nothing I have ever tried will produce an edge this sharp on a knife.

Dwade Hawley - Fort Smith, NWT Canada

My wife is not very happy with me though after I sharpened her favorite paring knife.... but I told her the wound on her thumb was not life threatening and just to change the bandage regularly and all would be fine. Overall, I have probably sharpened over 30 knives since I received my Pro model last Wednesday and am totally satisfied. Thanks again for great service and a great product.

Mike Fluhmann

Dear Ben and staff,

I received my Pro Kit 3 today. I am up way past my bedtime and have succeeded in putting a unbelievable edge on every knife that I own! This machine is simply amazing! My family thought that I had lost my mind, when in the middle of sharpening my second knife, I started laughing. All these years of sharpening on tri stones, electric machines and God knows what else I've used, and this machine puts the best edge on a knife that I have ever seen in a quarter of the time. It made me laugh like a school girl! I could not be happier! The workmanship of this machine is top shelf. My first time sharpening felt as if I was the inventor of the machine. I was a little worried that I would have problems getting used to the machine because of my two left hand syndrome, but it was effortless for me. The polishing tapes are my favorite! Wow! If I had hair I could comb it the reflection off of the edge of my knife. Needless to say, I couldn't be happier! Thanks for great product and outstanding service.

Harold Day

Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with my new edgepro apex. I have only sharpened a dozen knives, or so, and so far have been very impressed. Being a relative novice to sharpening I have found the ease of set-up, instructional DVD etc. a real benefit to me. Having tried several other methods of sharpening, I have never found it so easy to get a consistently sharp edge along the entire length of the knife as with your product. Having now taught my left hand to behave much as my right, there is a profound simplicity of use of your product which produces an exceptional edge.

Thanks for your prompt service and great product.

You should be proud.
From the other side of the world, I wish you every happiness and success.

Phil Habel

I must say, I was a little spectacle — I have purchased 5 machines, including a full Tormax system. Wow, do you deliver! Your Pro system is incredibly easy to use and unbelievably surpasses anything else on the market — the results are better than any custom factory process. I took an old MOD Tactical, that I was going to throw away, and within minutes had an edge that exceeded new condition. Thanks.

Bernard Fred Atkinson

Rusty's Rags Reviews

Since switching to the Rusty's Rags gun care kits in June, my men can easily take care of their weapons on base and in the feild where their lives depend on them.  There is no other gun kit on the market my men or I would ever consider using again.

Mike Grey - Gunnery Sergeant

Ever since my local sporting goods store started carrying Rusty's Rags Gun Care products, they have been flying off the shelves. Mike, the owner, said it is the best gun care product he has seen come along in a while. I am happy to know when i can't find them at my local store, I can easily order them from this website. Keep up the great work!

Mark Sanders

I am impressed with Rusty's Rags because they work on ALL types of gun finishes. I have a modest gun collectio  and am happy to be able to use ONE PRODUCT to clean and protect all of them!

Chester Phillips

Rusty's Rags are the best for cleaning, protecting and keeping my Mossberg in top working condition. I reccomend them to all of my friends.

Aaron Seney

I have been an avid hunter and gun enthusiast for over 30 years. Rusty's Rags are the best products I have ever usedfor cleaning and maintaining all of my guns. It is a MUST HAVE for any gun owner!

Johnny Hardin

My friends and I go hunting in Africa twice a year. Our guide was using the Rusty's Rag to clean one of his clients rifles. I tried it and now all of my friends and I are hooked. Great Product!

Ron Beasly

There is no reason not to give Rusty's Rags a try. You may find yourself among the many people (like myself) who've decided that they never want to use another gun cleaning kit ever again.

Bob Parker

I have been using Rusty's Rags for over two years.  I am impressed with them so much that I am going to buy the Rifle/Shotgun kit for everyone in my turkey hunting club for Christmas this year!

Rodger Fallon

I love going to the range and shoot my 'pink lady' as I call it. I bought my gun last year and was given a free Rusty's Rag to go along with it. I am happy to say I am still using the same Rusty's Rag and it does a great job. My husband went out and bought one when he saw how well it worked on my gun. I love Rusty's Rags!

Susan Fletcher

I am a gun collector and use only the best products for all of my guns. The Rusty's Rags line of products has impressed ma and they are all that will touch any of my collectible guns.

Bill Babington

Ever since getting into the 'Tactical' weapon craze, I always used a silicone flannel cloth to maintain my weapons. Since I found Rusty's Rags, all of that has changed. I love the sheepskin because it gets into all of the 'nooks and crannies' of my tactical weapons like my M&P 15 223. There is nothing better on the market!

Scott Ramirez

I love guns and will use only the best products to clean and protect them. That is why I use Rusty's Rags products. I have found NO other gun cleaning prduct on the market that works like Rusty's Rags. Give them a try!

David Pacheco