Terms & Conditions

Proof of Age
Lloyd Knives only sell to persons who are 18 years of age. Please enclose with your order suitable proof of age (e. g. copy of an I.D Card, or other Proof). Without proof of age your order can not be processed.

Orders will only be accepted in the form of a written email, each order must be confirmed by Lloyd Knives and the required deposit payment has been made and is cleared funds.

Any offer that Lloyd Knives makes to you on the Internet is not binding until all orders have been confirmed by Lloyd Knives by way of return email confirmation.

Your order will only be processed by Lloyd Knives when the full amount due has been paid in advance as cleared funds to our account.

Postage and packaging will be determined by the shipping destination provided by the customer plus the cost of insurance, should you choose this option. Therefore Lloyd Knives can only give you the accurate amount that will become due by confirming with you your order. Your order can only be processed when your deposit payment has been made, and is cleared funds in our account.

All Orders should be processed in four working days after your deposit payment has been received as cleared funds in our account.

Please send your deposit payment after receiving confirmation from Lloyd Knives. Should we not receive your deposit payment after four working days, we would be free to cancel your order.

Lloyd Knives can not be held liable in any way for any damage to any of it's products if the damage is accidental or there is severe negligence on our part.

Not all data-communication over the internet, considering the current state of new technology, is neither error-free or available anytime. Therefore we can not be held liable for non-availability of our services or technical or electronic errors that are out of our control.

Data Protection
We would like to advise you that all and any data submitted by you to us, will be stored electronically and processed by us in order to fulfill our obligations to you the customer.

Choice of Law
The relationship between all our costumers and Lloyd Knives is solely governed by English law and subject only to English Law.

Severability Clause
If a clause of these Terms and Conditions should be or become void, the remaining parts of these Terms and Conditions shall not be infringed.

For any queries in connection with Lloyd Knives Terms and Conditions, please send an e-mail to alistair@jblleisure.com subject: Terms and Conditions. All complaints should be made to Alistair Lloyd Heelas at alistair@jblleisure.com