Porthau Bread Knife

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This superb bread knife is designed to slice through those difficult to cut hard breads (i.e., rye) with minimal muscle work on the user's part. Expect to be able to slice much thinner slices of rye bread without tearing the bread using this knife than with a conventional bread knife.

Porthau Bread Knife

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Fixed Blade Blade Length: - 10"
Overall Length: - 14"
Steel Type: 440 Stainless Steel
Guard: N/A
Scales: Black Laminated Stabilized Wood
Engraving/Scrimshaw: NA
Sheath: Presentation Box
Condition: New/Mint

This superb bread knife is designed to slice through those difficult to cut hard breads (i.e., rye) with minimal muscle work on the user's part. Expect to be able to slice much thinner slices of rye bread without tearing the bread using this knife than with a conventional bread knife.

The knife is made out of 440C stainless steel (the steel of choice on the best custom bread knives), which is not suited for mass production on thin knives due to its high potential hardness (versus a softer steel with more resilience). We solved this problem through labor intensive differential tempering.

This bread knife features wide concave serrations rather than the usual convex style. We believe this makes for a more aggressive, more powerful cutting blade and adds to the unique look of this custom designed product. The sharp edge is 10" long, and gently curved to dig into the loaf and allow for a natural arc of the cutting arm.

This bread knife is heavier than the typical bread knife, and has a forward point of balance, so the weight of the bread knife itself contributes to the cut and reduces the extent to which the user has to "muscle" the knife. This is of great importance when cutting tough loaves of bread. The flat of the blade, which is unusually large for a bread knife, provides the extra weight. We have cut several artistic circles out of it (one step beyond dimples) to reduce drag.

Our bread knife has an extended front bolster. You can rest a thumb or index finger on it for added power and control. Both the front and rear bolsters are dovetailed over the handle scales, a feature usually found only on expensive custom knives.

The handle is made out of attractive, functional laminated stabilized wood. The handle width varies in light of the shape of the palm, and has two underbelly concavities that can be used to backstop the fingers. These should fit a woman's hand quite well, giving the user the option of putting one or two fingers in the front indent, and men's hands with the caveat that there are cases where this sized grip does not comfortably accommodate the preferred grip of a man with large fingers (so the butt of the knife ends up in the palm). The spine of the handle curves down. Not only does this accommodate the shape of the palm, but it also aligns the palm with the blade when pushing and avoids uncomfortable extension of the wrist characteristic of normal handles aligned with axis of the blade.

The Porthau bread knife has been called cool and even sexy, but it can really cut.

WARNINGS: *Knife Edge is Very Sharp! User voluntarily assumes all risk of injury.
*Not Dishwasher Safe!
*Dry Carefully Immediately After Washing

Warranty Information: Company provides a Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including fitness for any intended use. This Limited Warranty extends for 30 days from the date of purchase. Company will replace, repair, or refund the lesser of the price paid or Company list price at the time of purchase, the option at its discretion, as sole remedy for any warranty claim. Warranty claim must include original proof of purchase.

The Porthau Bread Knife blade is made from high quality weapon grade 440C Stainless Steel. Good stainless steel can corrode, pit, rust and tarnish. The handle is a wood product and therefore can expand or contract when exposed to varying humidity and temperature (though it has been stabilized to reduce the impact). These are natural characteristics of the materials and not product defects. Proper care can minimize these natural processes. Clean immediately after use (i.e., do not leave foreign materials, oils or other residue on the blade). Never machine wash. To clean, use a stream or spray of soapy water. Use a soft bristled kitchen brush or clean sponge in good condition, with gentle circular stroking motions away from the spine and down the blade, if the soapy water does not remove all debris. Dry carefully immediately after washing. Be sure the knife is totally dry, and store dry. Do not expose to humid conditions. Do not soak other than momentarily. Do not expose to extreme changes in temperature. Due to the sharpness of the blade, this knife should only be sharpened by a professional to avoid injury. Never cut towards your hand or onto a surface other than a wood cutting board. Never touch the blade with your finger (because even though it is a bread knife, it is very sharp). Store this knife safely, it’s dangerous!

Please inspect the goods immediately upon receipt and notify the Company of any issues immediately! Normal variations in construction and appearance are not defects rather they are characteristics of hand work on the Porthau Bread Knife, which has been polished to a glossy production grade finish. Fine scratch lines will normally be present and are not a defect. We cannot offer a perfect “mirror finish” on production knives (due to the intensive work it is appropriate only for far more expensive custom knives). Most kitchen cutlery is just a collection of so many deep scratches the look is uniform, a finish called “satin” or “hand rubbed.” The higher grade polishing on our knives provides better corrosion resistance but it is unfortunately so good some purchasers expect a perfect mirror finish. Please do not penalize us for attempting to offer a better knife by complaining about minor polishing issues or immaterial pitting that may be apparent only due to the Porthau Bread Knife’s glossy finish. That said, we take responsibility for our work; if you are unhappy give us a call (within the 30 day Limited Warranty Period).

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