Welcome to “Lloyd Knives UK”

I am a UK collector and seller of fine quality knives, I have had a keen interest in knives since I was a young boy around 8 years old, when my Father gave me my first knife, it is to this day the most important knife in my collection.

The Rambo films were also a huge influence; the First Blood films sent a huge wave that had a ripple effect across the world. My first Survival knife was a Wilkinson Sword Survival Knife, and Survival Knives are just some of the knives that form part of my collection today.

I collect knives that appeal to me, so there is no particular maker or type that I collect more than others, what I look for in a knife is not only the fit and finish, but how the knife feels in the hand, the balance and weight, and the years of dedication a maker has spent developing his style and skill to make each knife have its own soul.

So Lile, Randal, Loveless, Treeman, Thad Buchan and Vaughn Neeley (founder of Timberline Knives), all of these makers and many more have different styles but similar skills, all make exceptionally fine working and presentation knives. I also collect, buy and sell Strider Knives, Chris Reeve knives, folders and fixed blade.

I am a UK collector, and since the demise of (the sale of knives on eBay uk), I thought it would be a good idea to have a UK website dedicated to provide a bespoke service not only UK collectors and buyers of knives but also the USA and other parts of the world.

So if you’re one of those guy’s that enjoyed buying, collecting and selling knives on eBay uk, but are unable to do so now, please contact me, if you have a knife you would like to sell, or you may like to buy a knife to add to your collection. Or you may have a full collection you wish to sell, please send me an email, as I may be interested in buying your collection, if the knives are in good condition, and the serial numbers are appealing.

I accept a few different payment methods, personal cheque, bank draught, money order, credit cards and PayPal both direct or through PayPal, all of these payment methods work very well. What suits you, will suit me.

I only sell knives of the very highest quality, the descriptions are accurate, but should you have any questions please just send me an email, I will be very happy to answer any questions you may have. I will respond to you as soon as possible, as there may be a time difference.

Your customer care experience is what counts for you, and I am here to provide an exceptional buying or selling experience. I will pack all knives / items very carefully. Shipping – I will ship all knives / items as swiftly as possible. Using the best shipping method depending on your location either in the UK, or Worldwide. Contact Me Link can be found on left hand side bottom of the main menu.

All Knives for sale on my website are classified as follows:
Pristine Mint - Mint - Near Mint - Excellent - Very Good - Good

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